Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Murray's Speed Machine

The word land sailing speed record is well out of reach at 202.9 km/h especially without a significant budget to back you up but Murray Turner and Keith Christie(sp?) , Sandgropers Land Yacht Club members, in the simple pursuit of more speed have created this rigid wing yacht. more details soon but its first test run will happen on lake Lefroy in Kambalda in Late October 2011.
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BBQ Markets Fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who helped out at the recent Rockingham Markets BBQ fundraiser. Members will be there for the next couple of weeks and then also at Bunnings in coming weeks, so do shout out if you can help out on a Sunday morning.
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Promo Video

A while back i finally edited and uploaded a video to promote Land sailing at Lake Walyungup WA. It is comprised of relatively old footage (around 2003 from memory)  but it should give a good insight into our sport.
I will hopefully be shooting some new HD video this season for an updated clip.
Craig Turner.

Leeman Weekend 2011

Recently a number of members traveled back to Leeman for the first time in about 10 years. This once was a yearly event in the 90's.
Check out Megan video and more photos can be seen on facebook.