Tuesday, December 22, 2009

News For the 2009/2010 Season

New Access to the Lake - TBA

The new track is still being organized by Department of Conservation — watch this space. In the meantime we will use the existing gate with a new lock, Details yet to be finalized but that is what we are expecting for this year. Won't affect normal race days anyway because Rabbit is always there early and opens up.

National Titles

Make sure you get your nominations in soon to avoid the late entry penalty. Not very many have nominated yet, three from Adelaide and the usual suspects from Lake Lefroy.

(I have uploaded the Pilot Nomination Form for download for those who may not have it. You can download it here. Apologies for the photocopy quality this is the only version I have access to at the moment. Craig)

New Course Vehicle

The new car promises to be a significant improvement although time will tell. A big thankyou to Murray Turner for arranging the specialist work, ie cv boot, rewire the immobilizer and for all the work he has put into it. When you see it you will know what I mean.


At the time of the National Titles an AGM will be held to elect a new committee. If anybody is interested in nominating please let me know (preferably by email) to make the process at the AGM a lot quicker. At the moment there is Rabbit, Vic, myself and David Webster from Adelaide who have volunteered. The ALSA constitution specifies five for the committee so need a couple more.


Cannot wait any longer so I am going to release the calendar assuming the start date is the 20th. The usual busy bee on Jan 3 is to continue with the great work that was done during the last one with tidying up of the course. Still a bit left to do so the more helpers that come down the easier it will be.


Blokarts will be joining us again this year and of course are welcome. A big thankyou to the guys for helping with the last busy bee.


Tyres and tubes are available from me for $15 per wheel. Usually plenty on hand but if anybody wants a quantity (more than 4) then advance notice would be appreciated. I am away until the Jan 19th so if any are required before then just get in touch with Murray and I will ensure he has some.

Ideas are always welcome to improve the Club. If anybody has a good idea, please also provide a plan to implement it. Examples are the shade cloth and shelf in the container, also an elevated viewing area at roof height is being considered. Additionally the old starters box is expected to be relocated. The air vents installed on the side of the container appear to have worked out ok through the winter with a lot less moisture buildup inside. The sign down near the gate is to be revamped and relocated to the new gate where it can be seen better.

Any enquiries about anything will be welcome, Rabbit or I are happy to talk landsailing any time.

See you all at the Nationals